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Mr Poo's Journey

This is a simple game that I created while doing the stream series Let's Make An Amiga Game. 

The aim of this series is to teach others to make Amiga games. I use simple concepts. This series is aimed at beginners but does assume you have some type of idea. 
You can watch the video streams here https://tinyurl.com/p101-lmag

You can download the source code for each episode by reading the comments under each of the videos.

If you want to learn Amiga Assembly from scratch I have another series which is called The Complete Amiga Assembly Course. This goes in detail and you will need to have patience since it starts very slow but as you go along your knowledge will grow. 

Here is the link to this series https://tinyurl.com/A68K-ENG

If you need any help please get in touch with me on Discord that is the best medium for me. Here is the link  to all my social media https://linktr.ee/phaze101

Future Enhancements  

Note also that although the series is finished I am still enhancing it and the final version of it will be released here. So consider the last stage of it as still in development.


Survive by avoiding obstacles by staying to the left, middle or to the right while falling.

 You have 3 positions

  1.  Attached to left wall
  2.  In Air in the middle
  3.  Attached to the right wall. 

In the middle you can't stay there for long. If you do you will die.

There are 2 bars. One is your energy and the other one is your depth meter. 

Touching any object decreases your energy and the further down you go the more obstacles to avoid but also your score will increase per object you avoid.

Game ends when you lose all your energy. 


Two Options

1. Hard disk Install - Download the file, copy it to your Amga Hard Disk and run it from your Amiga.

2. ADF  Floppy Install - Just mount the ADF file to your WinUAE / FS-UAE and start WinUAE / FS-UAE

Please note that this is still not a final version.


  • Joystick Port 2

Note -  You will need to configure this if you are using one of the Amiga Emulators WinUAE / FS-UAE

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Amiga 500
  • Kickstart 1.3 and above
  • 512K Chip Mem
  • OCS
  • Amiga Hard Disk for option 1 (Since Only executable Provided)
  • WinUAE / FSUAE to be able to load the ADF File


  • Coding - Phaze101
  • Backgrounds - Megastyle
  • Sprites - Megastyle, Houndog_101, Phaze101
  • Music - Crain / Phaze101
  • MrPoo Character - Naufr4g0 / Phaze101

Thanks goes to Massimo Bonucchi who had the original idea.

Follow us here - https://linktr.ee/phaze101


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AmigaMrPoo.exe 212 kB
MrPoo.adf 880 kB


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